Get in the BEST SHAPE of your life!

If you are like a lot of men and feel like control has been eluding you, get ready to get on a journey to success, fitness, health and the body you always wanted.

Shape Up Fitness Coaching Program for Men

Get leaner and healthier with more energy, strength, and muscle mass with our straightforward, comprehensive nutrition & fitness program. You have access to a top level personal trainer and nutrition coach who will guide you in your journey to a leaner, healthier and fitter body while working with your busy lifestyle and time constraints. By starting today you will achieve

More Energy

Aligning your nutrition and fitness means more energy and more life in your days...with more days in your life.

More Strength

Increase your strength and stamina with your customized program to promote health and prevent disease.

More Endurance

Stay the course in any activity regardless of your age. Enjoy superior performance and sustainable life.

With ShapeUp Men's Coaching, you'll

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    Lose weight
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    Lose body fat
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    Gain muscle mass
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    Increase energy
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    Increase strength
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    Increase endurance
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    Enjoy health and nutrition
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    Stop weight gain & unhealthy lifestyle

What Our Customers Are Saying

Here's what we've done for men just like you...

Rob Wilder came to us to get some guidance for his training. Since then he has transformed his life and is super fit. He lost 7% body fat, is able to do 20 pull ups and presses over 900 lb on the leg press. Here is his story

Shawn Cardner came to us to get in shape and work on his golf game. He has lost around 30 lbs has hugely improved his game but listen yourself to what he has to say about his personal training with us.

SUCCESS - One Habit at a Time

Forget about programs that give you unreasonable training and nutrition plans that aren't sustainable in the long term. We understand that long term change begins with small transitions and the development of healthier habits, and we stand by to support you in achieving the results you really want.  Our trainers are professionals with track records of success, and we are with you all the way. Help is never more than a message away.  Ever.

How we'll work together...

In order to understand you better, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire about your health, goals, lifestyle and eating habits. Depending on the plan you choose you will receive an online functional movement and posture assessment as well. We encourage you to keep track of your food intake. It helps us to customize your nutrition to your needs, make adjustments and help you accomplish your goals fast and efficiently.

We aim to establish long term lifestyle and nutrition habits instead of quick diets and fixes that will backfire after a couple of weeks or not work at all.

Your plan is going to be changed and adjusted based on your progress to ensure future success. We provide training plans in 4 week intervals. This gives you enough time to improve without the program going stale. After 4 weeks we change the program to keep your body stimulated and improving.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I know that it might have been a while since you have worked out or addressed your nutrition.Maybe you have been working on it for so long you don’t believe in yourself anymore. Whatever it is, we at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting believe in what we do. We are passionate about you and your goals! We want you to succeed. So, If you have joined us and you are not happy with your results after 6 months of training, we will refund you 100% of the money.

Me and my team are looking forward to working with you

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